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The Paritet SV Arms Company cooperates not only with Moscow, but also with other regions of the Russian Federation! 

What you need to do to get the delivery of the chosen weapons:

1. You need to choose the necessary items on our web-site. Attention! The web-site presents only a part of the products’ range, check with the staff the items you are interested in.

2. Then you need to contact our managers via the phone number  +7495 120 0733  or e-mail info@paritetsv.ru and specify the chosen items.

3. After the approval of the items, we issue an invoice for You to pay for the goods and delivery.

4. Then, You provide us with the copy of the passport, original of the license or the certified by the notary officer letter of attorney on the representative of our company (this letter of attorney gives the right to purchase, document and send the weapons) via the registered letter.

5. We prepare the documents and send the parcel to Your city with the help of the Spetssvyaz FSUE (www.cccb.ru).

You don’t know what to present to a man at his birthday, New Year or the Day of the Fatherland’s Defender? We will solve Your problem!

Buy a gift certificate for any sum at our Arms Company. The certificate can be personal, for a particular sum of money or proving the purchase of a particular good. For the details, contact our managers! 

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